MAXI-TURBOGROW 3 Plus Turkey Feeder

Turbogrow 3 plus COB.png
Turbogrow 3 plus COB.png

MAXI-TURBOGROW 3 Plus Turkey Feeder


Feeder is designed to Turkeys for 1-15 days or Broilers (Supplementary feeder) up to 21 days of age.

Hopper and Pan

  • Hopper: 6 feed distribution windows, 6 reinforced support arms, Wall slope 80°. Exclusive "Screw" assembly system

  • Pan: A flat pan with two levels and a special lip for minimal feed waste, and not allow the chicks into the pan.

Method of use: MAXITURBOGROW is the best "SUPPLEMENTARY FEEDER" that can be filled manually.

Hopper height: 15.74"
Pan height: 2.1"
Pan diameter: 11.42"

Feed capacity: 
29 pounds

Recommended density:
1 feeder per 50-100 birds

Turkey: Hopper / GREEN color and Pan / RED color
Broiler: Hopper / ORANGE nd Pan / YELLOW

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Optional: Metal hanger

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