HI-GROW/R Broiler Feeder


HI-GROW/R Broiler Feeder


HI-GROW/R is a round plastic chick feeder designed mostly for broiler breeders from 1 to 12-15 days of age. HI-GROW can be used in broiler from 1 to 5 days of age.

Components: Hopper and Pan

  • Hopper: 5 heavy duty distribution windows, 5 reinforced support arms, Wall inclination 50°. The feeder has been reinforced in more than 40 points.
  • Pan: Plain with two levels and various external structures to avoid feed waste and avoid chicks getting into the pan.

Method of use: 
HI-GROW can be filled manually or automated or both options simultaneously.

Total height: 7.5"
Pan diameter: 10.43"

Total capacity:
9.92 pounds

Suggested density:
1 feeder per 50-100 chicks

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