Company History

International Division, Inc., or INDIV as we are known, is a total performance international trading company. For over 50 years we have served as the export management division for select US manufactures who have established strong records for engineering excellence and quality. When INDIV serves as their marketing partner, manufacturers can concentrate their skills and energies on manufacturing and improving their products. 

In 1964, INDIV brought together a group of individuals with more than a century of combined experience in agri-business and international relations. Steady growth since its founding can be attributed to the company's strong commitment to meeting individual  requirements of the governments and corporations we serve.

Government Recognition

The company is the recipient of two US Presidential awards, held by only a small percentage of US firms...the "E" and the "E start" awards. These awards recognize INDIV for its emphasis on sharing US production technology with the world.

Long Term Business Relationships

Unmatched technology and knowledge is the primary factor in the company's desirability as a marketing partner. As a result, INDIV has a long history of collaboration with some of the world's largest integrated food manufactures. The company has also helped relatively small and developing enterprises to meet their production goals.  The roster of long term clients who have dealt with INDIV over the years attests to our commitment to customer success.

Broad Expertise

INDIV has a long history of providing export services to many manufacturers in the USA and abroad. In 2001, this broad expertise led the company to begin producing equipment and plastic products for both the poultry and swine industries. Our manufacturing takes place in the USA, Argentina, Malaysia and Mexico to serve the USA and global markets.


INDIV Expands to USA Markets

In June 2013, INDIV made a decision to expand its operations into the USA markets. The construction of a new warehouse in Buffalo , MO. will allow the company to inventory, assemble and package products for customers throughout the USA. In addition, INDIV also has a small warehouse in Gainesville, GA. These locations allow INDIV to be strategically located to serve a good part of the poultry and swine markets in the USA and abroad.

In an effort to continue our positive growth, INDIV is proud to offer the products shown on this website. The same business philosophies of performance and customer service, which have made INDIV successful for half a century, are the same ones we use in our sales in the USA operations. INDIV is here to serve our USA customers with the excellent products, customer service and technical knowledge our customers have come to expect.